This creative laboratory, which provides space for young artists – especially art university graduates – has been running since 2003. Within the Czech Republic, Archa is the only theatre which offers space and financial support to young artists, helping them to kickstart a truly liberated artistic development. In the 10-year history of the residency programme, artists such as the creative duo Skutr, choreography tandem VerTeDance, a prominent figure of the Czech beatbox scene Jaro Cossiga, La Putyka’s artistic director Rostislav Novák, theatre directors Magda Stojowska and Tereza Durdilová or Spielraum Kollektiv (Linda and Mathias Straub) have all taken advantage of this opportunity to create freely.

Short-term Residencies

Following the success of the first Archa Theatre International Summer School, the management of Archa Theatre has decided to run Archa.lab, a short-term residency programme for young international and domestic artists.


Season 20/21

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Short-term residencies 2019 presentations:



Short-term residencies 2018 presentations:

Sahar Rezaei / The Poem of Craving / March 18th, 2018

Joana de Brito Silva / A letter to my father / 17 May 2018

Christa van Rijn / Prague Stories / 30 May 2018

Cliona O’Connell / Transparent loops, or how strange is it to be an „I“ / 17 June 2018

More information on the artist residency programme: Jana Svobodová, Artistic Director at Archa.lab / e-mail: